Johnny Fly

Johnny Fly was founded in 2012 by Johnny Freeman, an ex-race car driver with a love for fashion. One evening at his dining room table along with his best friend, Adam Cloninger, and his now wife, Tara Masud, Johnny placed out all the pieces to create a pair of wooden sunglasses. He was obsessed with sunglasses but struggled to find a good quality pair of sunglasses, in an affordable price range. He also quickly learned that all of the sunglasses he owned were created using chemicals and materials that were really harmful to the environment. Wooden sunglasses, crafted to perfection, were his fix to this problem.

Johnny Fly has made sustainability their primary focus. Their eyewear is made entirely of sustainable materials from the acetate (compressed cotton) frames to the wooden arms.  In 2015, they added a line of chemical-free leather bags to the brand.  All of their bags are made from recycled hides and naturally tanned with salt water, bark, and sunlight.